Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an incredibly fluid process that can be very overwhelming for any sized business. Fly-by-night miscreants will try to sell you the #1 spot on Google through shady “black hat” techniques. Perhaps you have been burned from outdated SEO efforts and have lost you significant ground in your rankings. At Spyglass Digital, we understand your concerns and will help boost your business visibility through honest and compelling means that truly engage prospective customers.  We're a different kind of SEO company.

Site Audit

If you are not achieving the organic search rankings that you want, let us help. We'll thoroughly review your site and present the best tactical actions to bump you up on the search engine results page, or SERP.

Inbound Links & Authority Outreach

Have you paid for links in the past? Are those coming back to bite you? Let us review which links are penalizing you and help you get quality inbound links instead.

Our creative way to reach out to authoritative online influencers will achieve the inbound traffic that you're looking for without the black hat, grey hat tactics that others will try to sell you.

SEO and Content

Our team members are search engine optimization experts in developing entertaining, educational and timely content that focuses on user intent, brings in new customers for your brand, and keeps your current customers coming back for more.

Spyglass Digital will develop an integrated SEO and content strategy that answers your prospects’ questions, will help you dominate organic search listings, and will establish your online authority so you are top-of-mind for your prospects.