Social Media Marketing

Customers are human. Shocking, we know. But brands sometimes forget this and treat people like numbers. Humans seek relationships and most use social media to cultivate them. Spyglass Digital will help your brand engage with human prospects across social media in the most effective way. 

Social Media for Engagement

Are you looking to take your customer relationships to the next level? Do you find that once a prospect hears about you, they are distracted by other recommendations in the social space?

Spyglass Digital will generate a compelling social presence for your brand. We will expose you to new customers, and entice existing customers to come back for more. We'll help you produce shareable content in the social space that keeps your brand interesting.

Social Media for SEO

Not only is social media important for building relationships and credibility, but it is also important for SEO as well. An effective search engine optimization strategy must include social and at Spyglass Digital we understand the partnership between the two.

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive social media strategy, advice to get started, or basic implementation for SEO purposes, we can help you out.

Social Media Advertising

Because any given brand on Facebook reaches only about 7% of their fans organically, paid advertising on social media becomes essential. Social media advertising allows for highly targeted campaigns that deliver significant ROI.

Spyglass Digital will set up campaigns appropriate for your goal, whether it is increasing your fan base or increasing engagement. We'll monitor and test campaigns to hone in on the best tactics for your audience.

We can give your social media presence the boost it needs to really take off.


Photo Credit: Jason Howie